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No upfront payment is required-pay after grades are posted. Guaranteed A or B grade service
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Get professional class help online

Avoid scams
We will take care of your online classes

No upfront payment is required-pay after grades are posted. Guaranteed A or B grade service
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How it Works
Course evaluation

One of the most common questions most online students ask when looking for someone to do their class is "how much should I pay someone to take my online class?". A lot of online classes require a certain level of work and many times there is no standard price. We can't have one because every class has different requirements for difficulty, workload etcetera. Your online tutor will need either the syllabus or login information to understand your online class.

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Pricing and Negotiation

After evaluating your course requirements, we will give you a price quote. In our pricing, we take into account all of the assignments for which you're responsible in order to complete the course. You have full control over negotiating and ensuring it's within your budget because prices can vary depending on how much work needs done!

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Class handling and payment

After you've agreed on the price, we'll start to handle your online class right away. We can communicate with you through email, text or WhatsApp. Your tutor will send you an invoice with an option to pay weekly.

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Why you should hire us to do your online class

Picking an unqualified tutor or a scammer can get you in trouble and could lead to long-term academic consequences.
Our service is legit, risk-free, reliable, and affordable - so stop searching "can someone take my online class" and hire us today.

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Our tutors have completed more than 800 online courses.

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When you need an expert in any online class, our team can help! With experts in every field imaginable and a diverse set of skillsets to boot, we've the right tutors for your online class.

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Do not run the risk of not being successful in your online course. Hire us today.

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“Graduated with 3.9 GPA with my Masters. Everyone was knowledgeable and attentive to time constrains and the lessons at hand. Looking forward to working with everyone again.”


Common Questions.

How do I know this is not a scam?


We are 100% legit. Unlike other "hire someone to take my online class" companies, we don't ask for upfront payment. Our clients pay after their grades have been posted. According to Google Transparency Report, our site is verified and secure. 

Is this safe?


Yes. As part of our Cyber Security Policy, our clients work with one tutor. This means that your tutor is the only person who can access your online class. We take your data very seriously and never give it out to anybody.

Do I get a discount if I use your service for multiple classes?


Yes. We'll be happy to offer you a discount. Please contact us to work out a custom quote.

Which payment methods are accepted?


We accept PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards. It's safe to use Mersomo.

Can I talk with my online class tutor?


Yes. You can communicate with your tutor directly through text, email, or WhatsApp.

I need someone to take my online class. What do I need to do to get started?


Please share all the details (e.g., syllabus or login information) of your online class with one of our tutors. After we've assessed your course work, we'll send you a price quote. After agreeing on the price, we'll begin taking the online class immediately. 

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