April 1, 2022

Take my online class cost

This article is designed to help online students understand the cost of paying someone to take their online classes and how they can get fair prices.

Take my online class cost

Nowadays, more and more students are taking online classes. Many choose to take digital courses for work or school because of their flexibility, convenience, and variety of options. Though online learning offers benefits over the classroom setting, it does come with limitations that can make independent study challenging. As a result, some students find themselves needing help from a qualified online class tutor to keep up with deadlines and stay on track. This support can prove invaluable for busy professionals struggling to juggle work, family, and school demands.
Whether looking for a tutor or mentor to help them finish an online course or just needing someone to hold them accountable for their self-directed learning, students may want to cue from the hiring process and determine the fair market value of their services. Paying someone to take your online class can be a great way to ensure you get what you need from an educational experience. This article is designed to help online students understand the cost of paying someone to take their online classes.
Most of the time, online class help companies tell you that they don't have fixed prices because every class is different. For example, take my online class cost depends on the following factors:

  • Class duration
  • Number of assignments
  • Type of assignments
  • Level of education
  • Difficulty level
  • The grade that you're looking for.

Class Duration

The length of online classes varies. Some can be completed in as little as five weeks, while others take longer. If the class is offered through a university, it will take about eight to nine weeks. The length of the course will dictate how much you pay someone to take it for you. For example, a four-week class will be cheaper than a 16 weeks course, but it'll also depend on the number of assignments.

Number of assignments

The number of assignments in an online course will vary depending on the subject, school, and instructor. For example, a 16-week class with 20 major assignments will cost more than a four-week class with only eight assignments. Often, the number of assignments will determine how much a student will pay someone to take their online course.

Type of online assignments

Students considering paying someone to take their online course should carefully review the assignments they are expected to complete before such a purchase. Below is a list of nine common types of virtual tasks instructors generally assign in online classes.

1. Discussion boards

A discussion forum is often a supplement to the in-class dialogue or seminar. In the virtual classroom, students respond to questions and talk with each other. Some discussions require active writing before being able to see what classmates posted.

2. Annotated bibliography

Students are provided with several scholarly articles from professional journals (e.g., Educational Technology) in this assignment. Students must read each piece and then write a summary in which they summarize the contents of each article and analyze its relevance to the course topic.

3. Case study/role-play

This is an exercise in which students are asked to pretend to be a specific historical or fictional character and write in the first person about their social life, family background, childhood experiences, and other events that have shaped her into who she is today.

4. Papers

Students are instructed to write an essay on a given subject using extensive research and their ideas in these assignments.

5. Presentation

In these assignments, students are asked to explain a selected topic in the form of a speech. Presentations can be done either on camera or using PowerPoint (or some other presentation software).

6. Recommended reading lists/book reviews

Instructors who assign this type of assignment instruct their students to read books related to their course's content and then write a summary or review of each book.

7. Survey/questions

In these assignments, students are asked to answer multiple-choice or true/false questions on aspects of the course topic.

8. Tests

Online tests take many forms. Some ask students to select one or more answers from lists of possible solutions to specific questions, while others ask students to complete short essays or fill in blanks.

9. Transcripts and resumes

In this assignment, students have to provide a detailed summary of their academic career: Subjects studied, grades received for each class, and overall GPA. They are also asked about their work history and extracurricular activities.

10. Web page/blog posts

In these assignments, students are asked to summarize given information or ideas in a structured way that is easier for others to understand. Typical instructions include "write the main idea of this article on your blog" and "summarize this information into three bullet points."
Most of the time, an online class help company will look at the number of words you are supposed to write in writing assignments. For tests, you'd want to look at the number of questions, time limit, if they're proctored or not, and if you are required to use a lockdown browser or not.

Level of education

Your education level will play a significant role in how much you can pay someone to complete your online class. For example, a college-level course such as a Bachelor's degree will be cheaper than an advanced master's or doctorate. This is because of the experience and educational qualifications that a tutor needs to have.

Difficulty level

The level of difficulty of an online class will also determine the amount of money you'll pay someone to complete your online course. If an assignment is very complicated or if the class goes over an extensive range of topics, it may require more time to complete. Difficult Classes are more expensive because they need a tutor to invest more time.

The grade that you're looking for

If you're not looking for an A only, it's more likely that you'll pay more money for someone to complete your online class. On the other hand, if you need a B grade, chances are you'll pay less.

Our online class help services fees range from $45-150 weekly per class, but it's best to contact us or use our price quote form to give you an exact price. The list above is just a basic outline to help you get started on how much someone should be paid to complete your online class. Many more aspects will increase or decrease the price of a person completing your online course for you. So again, if you need a price quote, feel free to contact us.