April 1, 2022

Reasons why online students get scammed looking for online class help

5 reasons why online students get scammed

Cheating online classes may sound like an easy way to earn that online degree without the work, but cheating online requires money and caution. Online students who want online class help can be scammed easily. Below is a list of 5 reasons why online students get scammed when looking for someone to take their online classes for them:

Upfront Payments

The online coursework helper will ask you to pay them lots of money upfront, and they never finish the work. Some will blackmail you when you ask for a refund, and since most are based overseas, you'll not get your money back or be able to sue them.

Fake reviews

Not all reviews are fake, and not all are real. Try to read all reviews on 3rd party sites because if they're not real, you'll know.

Background Research

When you search "take my online class for me" on Google, most of the time, the first four search results will be ads, and scammers sometimes post these ads. Some online students might not notice they've clicked an ad and end up trusting they've found the right company just because they are on top of the results page. Before hiring someone to take your online class, please do some background checks like domain and company registration details.

Hidden Fees

Online students may even be asked to pay for a VPN or Proxy, which shouldn't be the case.

Shoddy Work

You may feel cheated when the online class helper does not turn in your work on time or does shoddy work

To avoid getting scammed while looking for someone to take your online classes for you, be careful and look out for these five reasons why online students get scammed when looking for help with their online courses. These tips will ensure that you do not get scammed and successfully earn your online degree.

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